Investment Management

SDI Real Estate SA has acted as a family holding company creating a high value-added portfolio since 2018.   Our strong experience in M&A transactions allows us to cover rapidly the entire real estate transaction process from asset origination, due diligence, tax and deal structuring to debt financing. SDI Real Estate SA stands out for its speed of decision and action and its willingness to find consensual and pragmatic solutions. The company mainly invests in well-located logistics assets through its subsidiary SDI SICAF-FIIS. This policy allows good geographical and tenant risk diversification.

SDI Real Estate SA may also analyse and invest opportunistically in attractive investments.

Asset Management

Once an investment is made, SDI Real Estate SA makes it a priority to work in partnership with the tenants.   SDI Real Estate SA selects quality property managers and attaches great importance to the quick, pragmatic and efficient solution of any technical problems that may be encountered.  We also favour a proactive and innovative approach to the optimal management of the building by anticipating problems and optimising ecological solutions.  SDI Real Estate is dedicated to managing the operational costs and CapEx of the buildings in our portfolio in the best possible way. Every euro must be spent wisely.

Our method maximises real estate investments through expertise and a value-added approach.